A developing nation like India needs a strong industrial base which is the product of a huge amount of resources and technology. The reckless usage of resources is leaving India, almost power deficient country. So it is necessary to find out alternatives for optimum utilization of available energy.

Luker Electric Technologies PVT Ltd is a joint venture with Luker USA that has made it gain popularity as the best lighting company in the world. The significant investment in developing new technologies has led the global lighting revolution with the likes of advanced fixtures and lighting solutions.

Being a superior lighting consultant, Luker has a potential of more than 20,000 crores and rapidly growing. The support of central and state governments has enabled the market to grow by leaps and bounds. Named the best lighting company, Luker offers lighting products like bulbs and tubes. With a wide range of LED lighting adhering to international quality, Luker is considered among the topmost brands in India.

Discovering the challenges that the industry is facing, the research and development team has come up with innovations to build Luker as a prominent lighting consultant all over the world. Luker comes with extensive variety, shape, and design, use of colors, energy-saving, etc. It provides consistency in quality and business ethics to the customers and its standards are leading edge.

With the flexibility and adaptability that Luker is promising, it brings the best range of products. The fast pace that the technology is evolving helps ensure it is the best and the future is bright.

Our business

Luker has developed and manufactured LED lights of the next-gen that meet local and international standards. It is undoubtedly the best lighting company integrating advanced thermal management, short circuit and open circuit protection including other innovative features. Added to this, the products undergo rigorous testing before it leaves the factories.

The history, experience, and approach to engineering and manufacturing of LEDs ensure that Luker is rated the best and the products stand out from the rest with high quality.

A brighter future ahead

Luker is being led by clever design and innovative thinking that fuels the drive for being the best lighting company with efficient and premium LED lighting products. It is a product of detailed product design with the help of mechanical engineers to industrial designers and software engineers including experienced electronics engineers for constantly developing the technology.

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“ We got the best water heater. It heats water in no time. Thanks, Luker.”- Harry Noble
“ The designer fan from Luker is surely eye-catching, we appreciate it.”- Nora Kumar
“ Attractive LED lights for our dining area. We love the ambiance.”- Beula Manoj



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Provide the best solutions for the electrical energy needs through advanced technological products and services. customer happiness is above everything else.

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That we really, really appreciate!
“I brought Luker fan as well to match the room decor and colour, however, this fan is way better in performance than Other fans.


“Great product. A nice gift to give to frnds and family. Qulatiy is nice. Easy to program via the given software. Thoughthe given cable doesnt fit. Any mobile charger would do the trick.




CFO, Perfect Inc.
“Awesome product!! These are a truly great value.