Solar water heaters are the natural choice for homeowners in the lookout for a cost-effective way to heat water along with saving money. Water heaters are high on demand, but the conventional systems can be a huge money sink, creating a hole in your pockets. It accounts for 30% to 50% of the ener..

Solar water heaters compete with equally effective water heaters powered by conventional power sources that are gas and electric. While heating your home’s water by a solar hot water panel, the temperature can reach around 140° F.

Solar water heaters come in two variations, pa..

Ceiling fans for any outdoor location is a wise choice unless they are specifically designed for the harsh climate. Installing an indoor fan in an outdoor area can short out or break down prematurely. Outdoor fans are solely designed differently than indoor ceiling fans as they can work well even..

From being a fan of popular home improvement shows, the idea of ceiling fans comes to the forefront when deciding on the interior decoration of your home. The first step taken by designers is ripping down the ceiling fans. While this remains a true mystery, they surely serve a purpose for your ho..

Choosing the right fan for your room is the first step in decking up a great interior. With a variety of options available, picking up the best is a task. There are many conditions to be taken into account when you decide on buying a ceiling fan for your room. The following are some tips that can..

Scientists have found after thorough studies that 68% o employees are not satisfied with the lighting in the workspaces. Around 24% say the bulbs are too dim and lack brightness. This causes strain to the eyes making it difficult to focus for long periods. Along with health risks for eyes, it has..

A popular choice amongst all, fluorescent lights have been on stage for many years now. Even though time has changed, the choice for new lighting for your home and office has ended up in switching to LEDs thereby reducing the hit of your electricity bill, and increasing the care and love for the ..

The world is constantly evolving to produce better alternatives for traditional incandescent lights opting for green renovation and upgrades. Waking up to the reality of global warming, eco-friendly lighting products are in huge demand. This is good news for the earth while cutting short on annua..

LED lights have many advantages especially when the concern is of energy conservation as of now. Climate change and greenhouse gases are the topics of concern, throughout the world right now. The light emitted from LEDs are much safer than the regular lights which could burn your fingers with the..

There are many options readily available to light up your store attractively so that there is no nook or corner that goes dark and damp. When you choose the right lighting, you give shoppers the feel and ambiance of being in a well-lit environment. When opting for store lighting 7-11, get the bri..