LED lights have many advantages especially when the concern is of energy conservation as of now. Climate change and greenhouse gases are the topics of concern, throughout the world right now. The light emitted from LEDs are much safer than the regular lights which could burn your fingers with the..

There are many options readily available to light up your store attractively so that there is no nook or corner that goes dark and damp. When you choose the right lighting, you give shoppers the feel and ambiance of being in a well-lit environment. When opting for store lighting 7-11, get the bri..

High power LED versus low power

A high powered LED chip has 1-5 watts making them an instant choice with a better ratio of lumens to watts. One drawback is the heat dissipated by a heat sink usually in the form of cured metallic fins or a small fan built into it. Low powered LEDs are bu..

Even though the RGB LEDs are well established in the market, the white LEDs are still in the growth phase. The reason is that quite a few industries are depending on white, non LED lighting such as televisions, automotive manufacturers, computer monitors, notebook computers, LCD backlights, etc. ..

The majority of banks in Europe are looking forward to introducing human-centric lighting. Among them is the SpareBank 1 Norde-Norge Branch office, located around 80 kilometers south of the Arctic circle. It has implemented the human-centric lighting technology to mitigate polar night depression ..

This is the age of LED lighting and the quick transformation from incandescent to CFL and then now to LED has been smooth though not without certain hiccups. There are a lot of myths going around among the public which is why the LEDs are being watched with skepticism. LED lights have the caliber..

Debates are on about whether or not LED lights to emit UV rays or not. Discussions are going on about the possible side effects of LED lighting and if they are harmful to the health of people. The other problem that is being most talked about is whether the LEDs are good at preserving artworks, a..

Putting LED technology into practice for street lighting has taken the stage by storm. When it comes to efficiency, LED surpasses all the technologies that have until now been in use. Whether it be Edison’s bulb or a compact fluorescent lamp, LED has taken it up from where others have faile..

LEDs are all set to transform the lighting ideas of this century. It requires familiarity with new terminology and considers the new facts usually absent while preparing a lighting design. This article gives you an idea of the considerations to buy LEDs.

LEDs are semiconductors producin..

LED lighting has turned the next-gen lighting option benefitting both homes and businesses alike. The LED Downlighting and Tubes has replaced the buzzing fluorescent lighting. Providing energy efficiency more than CFLs, they have lower power consumption, maintenance costs and longer lifetime, dur..