Impact of LED lights on the work environment

26 November 2019 by

Scientists have found after thorough studies that 68% o employees are not satisfied with the lighting in the workspaces. Around 24% say the bulbs are too dim and lack brightness. This causes strain to the eyes making it difficult to focus for long periods. Along with health risks for eyes, it has a serious impact on productivity levels. No matter where you work, be it in a hotel, restaurant or shop floor, good lighting is as essential as any other fact influencing workplace comfort.

Being an energy-efficient form of task-based lighting, LED is the natural choice for commercial spaces creating a comfortable, compatible work environment keeping a check on the costs with minimal effect on the environment.

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Savings are huge with LEDs. 

The cost is one factor that decides if it’s feasible to switch completely to eco-friendly lighting and thus save earth from possible global warming. Many of the businesses upgrade to LED lighting solutions just based on cost-saving reasons. The high-quality LEDs are designed for a staggering 50,000 hours. That relates to five years with constant use making LEDs a sensible investment. No replacements, means you save operational expenses along with maintenance expenses.

Increased security with good lighting 

Experts are debating about the security benefits that help them upgrade to better lighting. When the lighting is clear, bright and reliable there are lesser chances of trips and falls. LED lighting enables employees to rummage through stock and files safely without being in the dark. It is the responsibility of the management to provide the employees with comfortable lighting and thereby provide the right tools. Good external lighting can prevent intruders from trespassing. 

Boosting productivity with increased focus

The traditional lighting has a lot of downsides even if they get the job done. Being vastly inefficient, they produce a huge amount of excess heat. Thereby they make the rooms hot and stuffy in the summer distracting employees from their work. LEDs overcome these problems directing all the energy to create clean, focused light sources. An upgrade to LED is certainly worthwhile especially if the business is in a hot or arid part of the country.

More clean, green and lean lighting 

When compared with incandescent and CFL bulbs, LED lighting is eco-friendly leaving no space for pollution. Global warming can have a disastrous effect on the earth and the inhabitants. Business owners and humans, in general, are tempted, not to look further than the doorsteps to see no change in the lives and reject green solutions. Whereas the reality across the world is that the natural environments are dying and the universe is committed to obtaining a greener, cleaner product for energy saving.

With robust and efficient lighting effect, there are very few choices available to make a comeback for the environment and thereby make the earth heaven to live. Safety is the best bet every lighting promises as the LEDs give direct lighting for the dark corners. Happy employees make for productivity beyond par. That is all you have to make sure of and have a flourishing workplace.