Introducing LED Lighting as an Alternative Energy Source

19 November 2019 by

LED lights have many advantages especially when the concern is of energy conservation as of now. Climate change and greenhouse gases are the topics of concern, throughout the world right now. The light emitted from LEDs are much safer than the regular lights which could burn your fingers with the heat emitted. The LEDs never heat up even if they are lit for longer periods saving a potential fire. It has a wide range of positive effects on the environment beyond the reach of the human brain.

They come in different colors as opposed to translucent lights. The first LEDs were designed as Christmas decorations. The research and development are on for quite a long period, with technology updates arising for more and more lighting solutions and applications. LEDs are being used or more and more occasions as they are being found for more and more applications. A few examples are mentioned below.

  • For Christmas lights, they made the best alternative with the lesser cost from around the year 2002.
  • Traffic lights and exit signs are using LEDs.
  • Toys, flashlights and small devices benefit from the ability of LEDs to work longer than regular bulbs. Batteries have a longer life when used with LEDs.
  • Push buttons of elevators.
  • All kinds of equipment with status indicators
  • For safe nighttime riding in motorcycles and bicycles.
  • Movement sensors
  • Lightweight displays at subway stations, airports and the like at highway signs, and glow lights. They improve the environment reducing electric risks, with literally no energy wastage.
  • On emergency vehicles for light bars 
  • Trucks and buses have used high mounted brake lights using LEDs.
  • Stereos, DVDs, television and CD players use infrared LEDs for the remote controls. They last longer in terms of battery life. That is why there is no need to change the batteries frequently.
  • LCD televisions use LEDs for the backlighting and in the displays.
  • In the theatrical stage lighting, equipment is being made to use LED lighting for red-green-blue arrangements.

The color combinations make LEDs popular among users rather than translucent lights. They fulfill many purposes with pale to darkly colored lights with effective lighting. LEDs are the best when searching for alternative sources that are durable and long-lasting. Being safe from home fires, it still wins a place even though not as inexpensive as it is considered to be. Research and design are on for more inexpensive LEDs because the cost will be reduced in the long run. LEDs are set to rule the world of lighting as all the issues of heating or safety threats will be done away with the evolution of more robust LEDs.