LED Lights: A Revolutionary Invention Of The 21st Century

15 October 2019 by

The 2014 Nobel prize in physics was awarded to the Japanese research team that made LED lights a common household name. It was supposed to improve the quality of life of over 1.5 billion people across the world with no access to the electricity grid. LED lights have found their rightful place as energy-efficient technology while worldwide the energy conservation campaigns are at its best. The energy efficiency can be traced to the fact that it converts 80% of the electricity to light energy thus helping to cut a good deal in the electricity bill.

LED lights are small and compact and come in different colors. They are cooler than their counterparts and their brightness can be controlled according to your requirements. Being long-lasting, they help cut back the maintenance costs making them popular in use. Providing focused light and resistance to shock is another feature of the LED lights.

Applications of LED lights

LED lights are used for household purposes as well as decorative and industrial purposes. It adds to the beauty of landscaped gardens and pools while serving industrial warehouses as well. The widespread use does make LEDs a quick hit and a champion in energy efficiency. Its usage is being widely researched and brings with it ultimate opportunities for development. LEDs find application in the following areas:


It helps create an ambiance for shops, jewelry stores, malls and theaters influencing the mood of the shoppers. It gives them a feeling of luxury adding to their shopping experience.


Workplace lighting is important for the productivity of employees. Focused lighting of LEDs helps the workers give more attention to their job. The right intensity helps them spend more time at work.


As the factories and warehouses work 24/7 they need lighting that is cost-effective as well as bright. LED is the last word for them.


LEDs make a good matter for indicators. Being small and compact as well as bright serves the purpose of indicators.


Add beauty to your home décor with LEDs. They make showcases and Christmas trees more elegant and make the mood pleasant and enjoyable.

Underwater swimming pool 

Swimming pools are a welcome sign to modern living. For greater ambiance, LEDs can be used under the water for pools and aquariums. This is one of the most used features of LEDs

LUKER: A synonym of excellence for expertise in LED lighting

LED lighting from LUKER comes in a variety of forms. They are as listed below:


LEDs used for domestic purposes come in the following categories.

  • LED Classic Bulbs
  • LED Tube Lights
  • LED Slim Panels
  • LED Surface Panels


Industrial usage is made unique with these varieties

  • LED Flood Lights
  • LED Bay Lights
  • LED Canopy Lights


Commercially LED lights can be used as follows

  • LED Downlights
  • LED Zoom Lights
  • LED Striplights
  • LED Streetlights


To add to the aesthetics of a building these creative LEDs are in vogue

  • AETHER- Indoor wall lights
  • HELIOS- Mirror lights
  • PLUTUS- Outdoor wall lights- up and down
  • STYX- Bulkhead lights

LEDs lead the way and are here to stay for a longer time. Unless and until a new invention ousts the LED from its position as the ruler of lighting, there is none available right now. Make sure you get to use LEDs to its fullest.