The Magic Of Lighting Design For Your Home

15 October 2019 by

Home is where the heart is. Does it sound like a cliché? But that is the truth. When it comes to lighting design, home is where you spend your leisure time. It is up to you to create the right ambiance with professional lighting designs. Beautiful lighting designs compliment the beauty of the interiors. Lighting designs determine the function, mood, and harmony of the room.

How to make sure artificial lighting blends with natural lighting?

Natural lighting in the daytime and artificial lighting in the evening hours is what everyone expects for their interiors. Daylight from the sun enters the room through the windows which are oriented according to the position of the sun. Whereas artificial lighting depends on the lighting design of the interior. On a cloudy day or when you have to pull down the blinds to avoid excess sunlight, artificial lighting can be a lifesaver. While artificial lighting does compensate for natural lighting, it also depends on the orientation of windows and the placing of lamps and other lighting fixtures.

How does a good lighting plan benefit?

Exposure to a certain quantity of light is beneficial for humans. Lighting helps to expand visibility and also aids in aging. As humans grow old, they require more light. A lighting plan always adds to the function of the room. The positioning of lamps depends on what the room is used or. This analysis helps determine which corners need to be highlighted and which needs some dark space.

Task Lighting: this helps highlight areas in a home, where some important function happens like work areas. The light is direct and brighter than the rest.

Accent Lighting: it is softer lighting used to show off some objects or paintings that can add a bit of drama to a room.

Ambient Lighting: it comes as a piece of art that can be used as a lamp. While it helps light up dark corners, it also adds to the beauty of the room.

Lighting fixtures come in a variety of styles like ceiling-mounted, wall-mounted, table-mounted, uplights and downlights. Play around with the direction of illumination, the height of placement and intensities to get the right ambiance.

How well does a lighting design expert help?

Lighting design is not something to be thought of as a matter of least importance. It decides the look and feel of the interiors and in turn, affects the mood of the room. Experts help decide the best fixtures suited for your style. The best places for a dimmer switch or a brighter one can be easily decided by an expert.  Lighting designers know where to look for what. They can get you exquisite fixtures to add to your beautiful interiors at costs that are affordable and easy for your pockets.  It depends a lot on their talent to get the right lighting as well as proper functional lighting. Be it a kitchen or a bathroom, designers help you spot the best position for your fixtures.