What's the difference between LEDs and fluro lights?

26 November 2019 by

A popular choice amongst all, fluorescent lights have been on stage for many years now. Even though time has changed, the choice for new lighting for your home and office has ended up in switching to LEDs thereby reducing the hit of your electricity bill, and increasing the care and love for the environment. For a quick reference on why LEDs are a better choice, read on.


Factors to be considered. 

Looking beyond the wattage, you have to be cautious while choosing the lightings for your spaces. Compare the prices for the bulbs, the longevity they have and the energy efficiency that each bulb promise. This helps you get a clear picture of the cost of each globe. A look into the prices of the regular bulbs will give you an idea of the market toppers. Comparing them with LEDs helps give you why they are a natural choice over the traditional lightings even though more expensive.

The initial cost is truly high.

Over the lifespan, the cost of LEDs go down comparing it to the normal light bulbs, remember that LEDs can last up to 20 years. This assures you greater returns while using the LEDs for lighting up your interiors. 

The technology behind LEDs.

The usual long tubes on the ceiling are what lights up most of the commercial and office spaces giving it a murky feeling. These lights work by sending an electric current through mercury vapor in the bulb. When comparing this with LEDs, the lighting style is different. The LEDs have a lesser output in terms of clarity and warmth when compared to fluoros.

Potential of the LEDs 

It is the choice of the future home lighting solution, and it has been here for a while extending its services to most of the lighting needs. It is an efficient alternative for incandescent bulbs, CFL bulbs, fluorescent lights, and halogen bulbs.

Major differences between LEDs and fluorescent lighting.

Longer Lifespan

Whereas fluorescent lights have a lifespan of approximately 9,000 hours, LEDs do not have this limitation. They are good for almost 50,000 hours which makes them economical, environmental and energy-efficient choice of lighting. LEDs help us look beyond the mediocre lighting solutions.

Efficient Energy Consumption

LEDs come with a lot of lesser energy consumption. They use around 30% of the power when compared to fluorescent lighting, reducing the heat needed to produce light.

Unique Lighting style

There is a vast difference between LEDs and fluro lights on the account of light given off by them. LED lights are clear and true, but fluro lighting is dissipated and yellow.

As a conclusion, LEDs overcome all the troubles caused by the incandescent lights. Beyond the energy efficiency, it has a longer lifespan and clear lighting helps us get the best alternative for heat-producing traditional lighting. Switch to LEDs and enjoy a world of comfort and ambiance that keeps your mood elevated in a cozy atmosphere that only the LED lighting can offer.