LED Lights

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Luker has always strived to excel in the LED revolution and has become successful in creating a channel exclusive for our LED lights. We have succeeded in displaying the architectural lighting developed by our exclusive R&D team topping the field and ending up popular bestsellers. We bring you the lighting of the future.

The residential LED basket from Luker, is the new lifestyle creation solution. The LED lighting focuses on energy-saving and reliable lighting that protects homes and lives from electrical hazards. The aim is to create industrial lighting with reduced energy costs, and minimum environmental impact. Luker showcases high-efficiency industrial range providing a sustainable solution on cost-saving.

Architectural lighting

The meeting of elegance and performance is where Luker displays the wide range o architectural lighting applications. It is how light and illumination brings a personal, artistic, dynamic touch for your homes that makes everyone vying for Luker. Our architectural designs bring the perfect vision and results for the customers catering to any aesthetic while working with each of our customers. 

Industrial lighting

Lighting based on industries come with the heavy-duty luminaire. It is robust, efficient and reliable when Luker comes into the scene. Luker’s industrial lighting is practical and reliable with high-quality performance. the application is extensively customized to suit individual requirements. These lights are built to withstand the harshest condition.