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Providing LED Sun for the streets

From Dawn to Dusk we provide LED SUN in the form of LED Street Lights very close to the natural light . The street lights are with high lumens output and high CRI which provides large area lighting and natural freshness.

LED street lights which sleek in design not only reduces electricity consumption but also suitable for solar power lighting. Wide variety and sleek designs make our Street lights a unique model with customer satisfaction.

Our special design models can give large area coverage in lighting with extra efficiency.

Product Code LSTE20 LSTE30 LSTE50 LSTE100
Electrical Data
Input Voltage Range AC 170-400 V
Power factor ≥0.95
Power Consumption 20 w±5% 30 w±10% 50 w±10% 100 w±10%
Surge Voltage 6KV
Photometric Data
Rated Luminous Flux 1700 Lm 3000 Lm 5000 Lm 10000 Lm
LED Light Source SMD
Color Rendering Index (CRI) ≥80
Beam Angle 140° x 90°
Luminous Efficiency 90 Lm/W 100 Lm/W
Color Temperature (CCT) 6500K (WH)
Working Temperature 0°c to + 55°c
Luminaire Data
Dimension L: 118, W: 252, H: 58, Pipe Inner Dia: 40 L: 118, W: 252, H: 58, Pipe Inner Dia: 40 L: 130, W: 252, H: 58, Pipe Inner Dia: 40 L: 162, W: 415, H: 66, Pipe Inner Dia: 50
Rated Life 50000 Hours
IP Rating IP65
Luminaire Body & Finish Die Cast Aluminium body + Tempered PC cover with integrated Lens