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LED tubes creates a new ambience

Lighting at home is very important but easy to miss on the up gradations. Everyday usage of tubes becomes the real effective side of lighting at home. Tubes which are the most common and highly used may consume a major part of power. Shifting to LED not only saves a lot of energy but also provides a great ambience. Next time, when you look at a tube, think of LED and it will change the whole home.

Inside and outside home, pathways and everywhere you need LED Tubes and we can provide solution to all your needs.

Product Code LT505 LT509 LT518 LT518ECL
Electrical Data
Input Voltage Range AC 100-300 V
Power factor ≥0.95
Power Consumption 5 w±5% 9 w±5% 18 w±5% 18 w±5%
Photometric Data
Rated Luminous Flux 500 Lm 900 Lm 1800 Lm 1620 Lm
LED Light Source SMD
Color Rendering Index (CRI) ≥80
Beam Angle 120°
Luminous Efficiency 100 Lm/W 90 Lm/W
Color Temperature (CCT) 3000K (WW), 6000K (WH)
Working Temperature 0°c to + 40°c
Luminaire Data
Dimension L: 300mm, B: 20mm, H: 35mm L: 600mm, B: 20mm, H: 35mm L: 1190mm, B: 20mm, H: 35mm L: 1190mm, B: 20mm, H: 35mm
Rated Life 40000 Hours
IP Rating IP40
Luminaire Body & Finish Aluminium body with PC Milky Diffuser